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Forest Technology

We offer cus­tom-made Frame con­struc­tion for:

  • Case
  • Steyr
  • New Hol­land
  • Lind­ner

We devel­op, pro­duce and mount pre­cise Main­frames of plough and Mower chassis parts for our customers.

These safty-sys­tems com­ply with highest qual­ity stand­ards accord­ing to the ISO 8083 and ISO 8084 norms.

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Machine- and Steelconstruction

Based on recent CAD con­struc­tion, we pro­duce bear­ing-hous­ings, hydraul­ic com­pon­ents, oil pans, axle hous­ings, main frames for high voltage tech­no­lo­gies and much more.

Front-Lift­sys­tems and Front-Power­takeoffs have been developed and indus­tri­al­ized for our customers.

We man­u­fac­ture all parts in Kematen / Innbach in Aus­tria at our 125.300 sqft. com­pany ground using recents machines and high qual­i­fied staff.

Our pro­duc­tion pro­cess is cer­ti­fed with ISO 9001:2018 which guar­an­tees highest stand­ards and quality.

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