Machine- and Steelconstruction

Based on the demands of our cus­tom­ers, we man­u­fac­ture con­struc­tions made of alu­mini­um, steel and stain­less steel includ­ing treat­ment, coat­ing and assem­bling for our cus­tom­ers in highest precision.

Our product-portfolio

  • Bear­ing-Hous­ings:
    machined, painted and assembled for SKF, FAG-Schäffler, Siemens …
  • Hydraul­ic components
  • Oil Pans for Engines 300‑4000 KW
  • Main Frames for High Voltage Technology
  • Frame con­strucu­tion:
    Main frame of plough and mower chassis parts and com­plete vehicle frames
  • Heavy wel­ded and machine parts:
    Con­struc­tion of Axle hous­ings and frames, sand­blast­ing and painting
  • Front­lift­sys­tems for Case, Steyr, New Hol­land and Lindner

Machining and Equpiment Steel-Construction

  • CNC-Saw
  • CNC-Plasma Cut­ting
  • CNC-Press break
  • Robot weld­ing
  • Sand­blast­ing cab
  • Paint shop
  • 3D CMM machine

Machine and Equipment Milling Centers

Heck­ert HEC 400 (PAL 500*400 | x 650mm, y 650mm, z 680mm)
Heck­ert CWK 630 (PAL 630*630 | x 1050mm, y 910mm, z 950mm)
Heck­ert HEC 800 (PAL 800*800 | x 1450mm, y 1300mm, z 1300mm)
AXA VHC 50M 5‑Axis (x 4000mm, y 1250mm, z 910mm)
AXA VHC 50M 5‑Axis (x 9000mm, y 1500mm, z 1000mm)
AXA VSC1 4‑Axis (x 2200mm, y 600mm, z 500mm)
CMM Brown & Sharp DEA (x 2000mm, y 1300mm, z 1000mm)