Karl Thanhofer

Things we do, we do correct.

Our com­pany mis­sion: Qual­ity and 100% Reliablity.

- Ing. Karl Than­hofer, Gen­er­al Manager

Our history of growth

1739 Foun­ded as blacksmith
1963 Repair shop / agriculture
1990 Lead­er­ship by Karl Thanhofer
1994 Start of CNC-technology
1995 Trans­fer to GmbH (Lim­ited)
2001 Cer­ti­fic­a­tion ISO 2001–2000
2005 Ship­ping of seri­al parts to England
2007 Begin of pro­duc­tion of railway-equipment
2010 Ship­ping of big motor parts to Germany
2012 Cer­ti­fic­a­tion Forest Tech­no­logy Pro­tec­tion ISO 8083
2014 Ship­ping of big motor parts to USA
2019 Ship­ping of seri­al-parts to Brasil